10 MIN INTENSE AB WORKOUT // No Equipment(Video)

The consistent combination of varying intensities of cardio, total body strength training, and a clean and healthy diet is key to losing the fat that resides over the ab muscles.

With that said, abs workouts – especially fast, focused and to the point ones like this one – are important for strengthening the core so that you have the strength and body integrity to do those super-effective HIIT cardio and strength training workouts (not to mention simple daily living activities), without injury. Adding this abs and obliques workout video into your rotation of other Fitness Blender workouts will help you further tone your stomach, as well as burn off a few extra calories.

None of the abs exercises in this routine are particularly difficult, which is why we do them for a full 50 seconds. This video is less about demanding, super challenging moves, and more about building endurance throughout your core – another very important aspect in avoiding injuries and strains that might otherwise sideline your exercise plans.

One last note; a lot of the exercises in this routine engage far more than just your core, which is a great thing! For many of these exercises, you will also feel your glutes, thighs, arms, chest, and shoulders – just to name a few of the secondary muscle groups involved – working.

Workout Structure

We’ve got ten different exercises, and each one engages the core (abs, obliques, lower back) in a different way. We’ll do each exercise for 50 seconds, with just a quick ten second rest/transition time in between each. It’s time to get that flat stomach! Combine this 8 week abs workout plan with the included dieting and cardio advice, and you will help your body build and firm your abdominals while stripping away excess stomach fat.

Workout Frequency

Perform this abs workout 2-3x a week after your resistance training sessions. It can also be performed on off training days, or with your cardio workouts.


Perform 3-4 cardio workouts per week for 20 to 30 minutes per session. Choose whichever form of cardio you prefer, from walking to sprinting to swimming to biking. The important thing to remember is that cardio should be enjoyable. If you dread performing cardio, you are more likely to miss sessions. It doesn’t really matter what you are doing because you are burning calories. A flat stomach is made in the kitchen, and your diet is doing most of the work.

This way, our core muscles never get a chance to fully relax, and our abs and obliques workout is done quickly, meaning that there’s time for a little bit of Fitness Blender cardio or strength training to accompany this workout – both of which are essential to losing belly fat.

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