Walking does wonders for the body, and it’s recommended by physicians around the world. Even though this is recommended by so many, there are many people who aren’t big fans of walking, which  usually is  a result of an injury. People who don’t walk often tend to suffer from chronic […]

5 Best Knee Exercises To Make Walking Less Painful

Over the last few years over use of antibiotics has reacted it’s all time high. The result has been drug-resistant bacteria and “superbugs” that evolve faster than scientists can figure out how to fight them. A future where bacteria are at the top of the food chain is not unheard […]

12 most powerful natural antibiotics known to mankind!

“We have shown that our synthetic material can reconstruct enamel without prior excavation,” Kazue Yamagishi, of the FAP Dental Institute in Tokyo, stated.  In other words, this therapy spells the end to the traditional “drill and fill” dentistry. Did you know that the white toothpaste corresponds to tooth enamel and […]

New Toothpaste Leaves Dentists Without Work!

Everyone knows that sleep is very important for maintaining a good physical and mental health. However, the duration of your sleep is just as important as the way in which you sleep. Your sleep position can influence your health, help in keeping your skin look young, and improve your digestive […]

Here Is Why You Should Always Sleep On The Left ...