Traditional core exercises, like crunches or bicycle, are great for sculpting your upper abdominals and oblique’s. But they barely touch those pesky lower abs, making toning this trouble spot quite a challenge for most of us. If you want to really flatten and sculpt your belly, you have to make […]


Baking soda can help tackle a number of household issues, inside and out. It is a natural deodorizer and amphoteric in nature, which means it can act as both an acid and a base to dissolve and neutralize compounds. It’s non-toxic to use as a green cleaning agent and has […]

Video: 20 Extraordinary Household Uses for Baking Soda

The 16 recipes below contain a great amount of fiber, protein and other nutrients which will boost  your health and will help you lose those extra pounds. Roasted Veggies With Easy Fried Egg Consume this whenever you please  throughout the day, this recipe is great for breakfast. Mix an egg […]

16 Breakfast Recipes That Can Help You Lose Weight

Every woman, regardless of age, is dreaming about an awesome body. There are great exercises that provide an excellent result. Good exercises should both strengthen your body and burn fat. Anyway, only by working out one will never get rid of the excess kilograms. For better result one should combine […]

7 Exercises That Will Turn You Into A Top Model

The best way to burn calories quickly is by performing this total body workout. “The goal is to use as many different parts of the body as possible, because the more you move, the more you’ll boost the burn,” explains trainer Jonathan Ross, author of Abs Revealed. This workout  will […]

Fat Burning Evening Workout!

Did you know that your weight is mainly controlled by your hormones? Researchers have discovered that your hormones can depend your appetite and how much weight you’ll store in your body. Here are 9 ways you can fix your hormones and control your weight. Insulin Avoid or minimize sugar: High […]

Reset Your Fat-burning Hormone For Weight Loss And Muscle Building

Start your week off right with our “anywhere” workout. A quick set of bursts you can do in the morning, add to your cardio routine, or use if you are beginning a fitness regime. With a different series each day of the week, you won’t get bored, but you will […]

7 Days Home Challenging Workout Plan

Maintaining a healthy and balanced weight calls for eating a nutritious diet that contains the recommended number of calories as well as normal exercising. The variety of calories you need to eat daily differs relying on your sex, age and also activity degree, however many grownups could consume between 1600 […]

6 Days Best Workout for Your Body Shape

There’s no such thing as quick, magical fixes for your trouble belly spots. If you’re looking for a legit way to whittle away your belly fat, pair the following waist training exercise routine with some healthier eating. How this workout works: Repeat the series below three times, resting for one […]

Tighten Your Tummy with These Simple 10 Exercises

While there are no magic formulas to lose weight, there are some things you can do to speed up metabolism . Workout regularly and sleep well are 2 of the best things. However, there are also many foods that speed up your metabolism, so add them to your diet can […]

10 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism

It doesn’t matter what new diet fad you might try, it seems like Low Carb is the easiest to stick to without feeling like you’re starving. The only bad thing about this diet is the fact that most people get sick of the same thing, as there are only a […]

Healthy 1 Minute Low Carb Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake (Paleo ...

Conquer your unhealthy food cravings and adapt to healthy eating habits, by using the plan below. We’re about to show you the plan that will help you adapt to better habits. This 7 day no junk food challenge will require you to commit for 7 days. If something is on […]

7 Day No Junk Food Challenge