10 Abs Exercises That Will Kill Your Belly Fat Faster Than Anything Else

Hollow Rocks (10 reps)

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Lie on the floor with lower back touching the ground with legs straight out and upper body off the ground. Keep your arms straight above your head at your ears and your toes pointed away from you. Keeping your back hollow and slightly curved from the ground, start rocking back and forth while keeping your body tight and maintaining the hollow body form. Make sure the back stays rounded with the pelvis tucked under and don’t raise your legs up more than a foot off the ground as you rock back and forth. Use your lower abs to get that momentum going.

Russian Twists (20 reps)

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Sit down on the floor lift your legs off the ground ( if you are having a hard time keeping your feet off the floor you may place your heels on the floor). Interlock your hands and twist from one side to the other. Make sure you look at your hands when they are going from one side to the other.

V-Ups(10 reps)

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Lie with your back on a mat, and extend your arms overhead and your legs in front of you with your feet together (A). In one movement, contract your abs, pull your legs up, and touch your toes (B). Exhale as you contract, and keep your feet together throughout the move. Release back down with control. That’s one rep. Immediately contract back up, and complete the recommended number of reps for each set.

Bicycle V-Ups(30 reps)

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Lie flat on the floor with the lower back pressed into the ground. Place your hands slightly either side of your head, do not lock your fingers or pull the head up. Lift your knees to a 45 degree angle. Slowly go through a bicycle pedal motion with the legs. Alternately touching your elbows to the opposite knee twisting back and forth through the core, keep the elbows back rather than forward to the chest as this could strain the neck

Extended Arm Plank(10 reps)

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Start in plank position. Slowly walk your hands out as far out as possible in front of you with hands still pointing forward. Hold yourself there with arms and back straight and butt down for 10 seconds. Walk your hands back into regular plank position.

Grasshoppers(20 reps)

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Start in push-up position with hips centered and hands placed underneath the shoulders. Bring your left foot diagonally across to your right hand and then alternate by bringing your right foot to your left hand. This is one rep. Make sure to keep your butt down and squeeze your glutes and obliques as you do this.

Inchworms (For 1 minute)

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This exercise offers many positive effects for your body, so it is worth the try!

Stand straight with your legs extended. Bend over from your hips and touch the floor with your palms flat on the floor. Keep your legs straight as you walk your hands as far forward, and do not let your hips drop.  Take small steps and walk your feet to hands.

Oblique V-Ups (10 reps)

Starting on either your left or right side, lie sideways on the ground on your hip with legs off the ground and angled 30 degrees from your hip. Keeping a weight in both hands at your chest or above your head with your arms at your ears, lift your legs and torso towards each other. Keep your legs straight and contract your oblique muscles to push your torso and legs towards each other. Keep the back rounded and head in neutral position.

Towel Knee Tucks(20 reps)

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Start in push-up position with a towel under your feet on a smooth surface. Keeping your core and glutes tight with hands positioned under your shoulders, drag the feet on the towel in towards your torso in a smooth, explosive movement. Bring your feet as far in towards your hands so that your final position is your knees bent underneath your torso, grazing the elbows. Slide your feet back out into push-up position. This is one rep.

Full Weighted Sit Up(For 1 minute)

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Lie flat on your back with your knees slightly bent and legs fixed. Lock your hands together behind your head. Breathe out while elevating your upper body until it creates a V-shape with your thighs. Wait for a second, then lower your upper body back down, inhaling. This is one rep.

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