10 Simple Exercises That Burn Fat Without Using Weights!

Push ups


Pushups are an amazing body weight exercise that you can perform in many different ways with various hand positions and it can be done at an elevated surface. Pushups are touted as one of the best exercises around the worlds and they involve effective movement of different body muscles.

Body Weight Squats


Squats are an indicator of ankle, hip, and thoracic mobility. You can perform squats against the wall to improve proficiency and technique. They are effective in enhancing the muscles of your legs.

Bulgarian Split Squats


These split squats will improve your leg strength and build muscle. You don’t need a gym memberships to perform these and they can be done just about anywhere.


leg crunches

Few people have the stamina and patience to stick to crunches, they are deemed most effective among the many exercises that help you build muscular mass in and around the waist. Running and cardio need to be combined, but defining the abs or simply flattening the stomach is best achieved by crunches.



Having a gym trainer or any type of equipment isn’t needed for this specific exercise, perform them two times a week. This is one of the most basic exercises, which will help build the muscles on your back and arms. Perform them until you are at a stage of muscle fatigue and can’t pull yourself any more.

Single-leg rising dead-lift

Use the position you use to do a stationary lunge then begin the movement until you are halfway through the typical lunge movement, get back to starting position then proceed to complete the full lunge motion to complete one set.

Ring dips


This exercise has a lot to do with strength to do anything other than hanging there and dips are no exception. Since there isn’t any stability, performing dips on rings makes the body perform harder and keeps the shoulders healthy as they aren’t forced into a position as they are on dip bars.

Inverted row


This is a great back exercise that can be varied. If you need to make it easier bend your knees and keep your back locked. Keep your legs straight for a more difficult variation. Row your body up to the bar/rings and make sure your elbows stay tight.

Ring/bar bicep curl


These directly focus on your biceps, and work in a way that you cant with dumbbells. Use the underhand grip and get into the same position as you would with the body weight triceps extension. Lean your body back and hang under the bar. Make sure your elbows are high, tighten your core and curl your body to your hands. At the top of this you want to be sure that you hands are in front of your eyes.


You can perform this in a L sit position or use as little leg help as possible to build muscle.

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