14 Day Thigh Thinning Challenge

Just about every  knows that having extra fat on certain parts of their body can be quite frustrating. Do you have inner thigh fat and get frustrated when you can no long pull up your favorite jeans anymore? Fat that sits around the thighs is quite easy to get rid of with the right exercises and diet. You should begin a weight loss plan and start focusing on certain exercise which will work on your inner thighs.

Tip 1

You should reduce the daily calorie intake and create a deficit. Calorie deficit will force the body to burn the stored fat to create more energy and your inner thighs will start to reduce its size. If you want fast results, aim for 1000 calories daily.

Tip 2

Know what you are eating. It will help you deal with fat better overall despite this might not seem like a thigh centered change. Hydrogenated vegetable oils, soda, processed junk and fried foods must be avoided because they increase the likelihood of obesity and lead to different conditions and diseases. You can prevent your body from getting so hungry by consuming healthy snacks such as apples or almonds. You can also help fat pass through the body faster by drinking plenty of water. The consumption of 25 grams of fiber per day will boost the amount of fat the body burns by 30%.

Tip 3

This daily workout:


Day 1: 10 High Knees/15 Calf Raises/20 Plie Squats

Day 2: 15 High Knees/20 Calf Raises/25 Plie Squats

Day 3: 20 High Knees/25 Calf Raises/30 Plie Squats


Day 5: 25 High Knees/30 Calf Raises/35 Plie Squats

Day 6: 30 High Knees/35 Calf Raises/40 Plie Squats

Day 7: 35 High Knees/40 Calf Raises/45 Plie Squats


Day 9: 40 High Knees/45 Calf Raises/50 Plie Squats

Day 10: 45 High Knees/50 Calf Raises/55 Plie Squats

Day 11: 50 High Knees/55 Calf Raises/60 Plie Squats

Day 12: REST DAY

Day 13: 55 High Knees/60 Calf Raises/65 Plie Squats

Day 14: 60 High Knees/65 Calf Raises/70 Plie Squats


 Calf raises 

Start with your heels down as far as possible in a good stretch. Keep your knees straight and stiff but not locked. Rise up onto the balls of your feet and squeeze, moving only at the ankles. If you don’t have access to or don’t wish to use a calf machine for various reasons, calf raises can be done freestanding on just about anything raised up (e.g. stairs, blocks, books, etc.) or even from the floor. They can be done one leg at a time as well. This is a more advanced variation for those who have built up some strength in the calves.

High knees

Stand straight with the feet hip width apart, looking straight ahead and arms hanging down by your side. Jump from one foot to the other at the same time lifting your knees as high as possible, hip height is advisable. The arms should be following the motion..Touch the ground with the balls of your feet

Plie Squats

Stand with your legs two to three feet apart, toes turned out; place your hands on your hips. Push your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Pause, then slowly push yourself back to the starting position. That’s one rep

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