15 Life Hacks to Help with Depression and Mental Illnesses!!!

1. Don’t catastrophize
Don’t make every situation worst than it actually is, and all the thing that might go wrongs. Take a second breath and see is it really worth the fight pain etc.

2. Stop ruminating
Many people make their mood worse by thinking about how they feel instead get your mind out of the bad and do something productive something that can get you  thinking about something good over the bad.

3. Get perspective
If you think that your depression has been activated by your depression ask some one who is supportive that will also tell you how it is rather that sugar coat it, it might help you see the situation in another perspective.

4. Focus on the positives
Realize that your mood may be magnifying the bad things in life, and you may find yourself focusing on the negative. Instead, look for what’s good in a situation, even if it’s just a lesson or a chance to grow stronger.

5. Don’t over-analyze
Going through your head about n event that happen a taking every second or word said apart into pieces and how wrong it is, a better method you can use to help instead of hurt in writing down the detail and find a way to fix the problem or problems.

6. Be kind to yourself
When people feel bad, they sometimes talk to themselves unkindly, and beat themselves up. What you need right now is a friend, not an enemy. Make sure your words and deeds are gentle and encouraging.

7. Don’t dwell on the past
It’s totally pointless to worry about the past, because you can’t change it. The best thing about the past is that it’s over. Allow yourself to move on.

8. Don’t fret about the future
The only power you have to change things is in the present moment, so it’s a waste of time worrying about the future, especially as you have no idea how things may turn out. Instead, take positive steps now, so you can handle whatever life throws at you.

9. Avoid black-and-white thinking
If something has gone wrong, or you made one mistake, it doesn’t mean that your whole life is doomed, or that you’re no good. Cut yourself slack and consider a more balanced version of events.

10. Fake it a bit
Science shows that even if you’re not happy, putting on a smile releases feel-good chemicals in your brain. If the mental trick of slapping on a big grin seems a bit much, then try a half-smile instead to lift your mood.

11. Stop being a victim
When you’re feeling low, it’s easy to get caught up in believing that bad things are happening because of you. Don’t allow yourself to believe that you’re a victim. You have the power to choose how you react to problems – and that’s the most powerful thing of all.

12. Get moving
It’s virtually impossible to hang onto a horrible mood when you’re jogging on the spot, or jumping on a trampoline, because your physiology won’t allow it. Try moving your body and see if that will brighten your mood.

13. Don’t isolate
You may be especially sensitive to what other people say and do if you’re feeling down, but remember that shutting yourself away will only make you feel worse. Meeting a friend for a quick coffee, or getting fresh air, can only help your frame of mind.

14. Reach out to others
Helping other people is a wonderful way of taking the focus off yourself and how you are feeling. Helping others feels good as well, so it’s a great mental trick to lift your mood.

15. Get familiar with Maslow’s pyramid.


Image Credit: timvandevall.com

Take out few minutes and read about Maslow’s pyramid, which will help you understand the human psychological mind. Analyse every level of the pyramid and find out at what level your problem arises



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