Shape and Tone Your Butt in Just 3 Weeks

A shapely, rounded, perky tush not only gives you confidence in your yoga pants and bathing suit, but toning your backside with butt exercises will also make you stronger for your active lifestyle whether you run, cycle, swim, dance, climb, or play sports. This challenge takes minutes to do each day, requires no equipment, and is simple enough even for bodyweight-exercise newbies.

Getting started: This challenge consists of five basic exercises that target your glutes and thighs. Over the course of the challenge, you will increase the number of reps you’re doing of each exercise, eventually working up to three sets of 15 reps for each exercise. Below is an explanation of how to do each of the five exercises, followed by the plan itself. If the challenge ever feels too easy, go ahead and increase the number of reps, or repeat the circuit for another round.


Single-Leg Squat


Stand firmly with both feet together. Put weight into your left leg and lift your right leg into the air.
Keeping the leg lifted, bend the left knee into a squat. Then straighten the leg to complete one rep

Plie Squats


Stand with your legs two to three feet apart, toes turned out; place your hands on your hips. Push your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Pause, then slowly push yourself back to the starting position. That’s one rep

One-Legged Reverse Plank Bridge


Place your hands on the floor and spread out your fingers for a firm support. Lean back so your torso creates a 45-degree angle with the ground. In this position, your hands should be behind your hips joints about straight under your shoulders. Support your weight on your heels and hands and lift your hips and body upward toward the ceiling. Continue lifting until your torso, thighs and legs form a straight line. Try to hold the straight line position beginning at 15 seconds and working up to 30 seconds.

Supermans with Lateral Raises


Lay flat on your stomach, then lift your arms and legs off the ground. Be sure that your arms are lifted straight in front of you. Squeeze your glutes to keep your legs up in the air. Pull your elbows back to starting position and repeat the process.

Donkey Kicks


From a high plank position with core tight and hips level, jump feet up and kick butt with heels. Your weight should come forward onto hands, but shoulders should stay in line over wrists. Extend legs and land lightly on toes to return to starting position

Follow the 21-day plan below. Every other day is a rest day to give your muscles a chance to rebuild and become stronger. If the exercise does one leg at a time, do that number of reps on each side. So for the first exercise, the single-leg squat, you’ll be doing eight reps on each side for a total of 16 reps. After each day’s workout, stretch your glutes by doing the Figure Four.



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