3 Quick Brazilian Exercises To Get A Tighter Buttocks (VIDEO)

The buttocks does not necessarily have to be the most problematic women body part according to the Brazilian fitness guru Leandro Carvalho who created effective exercises for buttocks lifting done by all Victoria Secret Angels such as Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Brazilian buttocks exercises” is the name of the several exercises for buttocks’ lifting that has an effect on three main muscles in this area. Moreover, these exercises are very simple and they provide excellent results. And, you can do them in the comfort of your own home or even at work- if the situation allows. Follow these instructions:

4-Week Butt Shaper Program

To redefine your butt shape in just a month, you need to repeat these 5 bum exercises daily. Here is how a month full of bum exercises should look like:

Week 1: 5 sets x 3 bum exercises x 15 reps each / day.

Week 2: 6 sets x 3 bum exercises x 18 reps each  / day.

Week 3: 7 sets x 3 bum exercises x 21 reps each  / day.

Week 4: 8 sets x 3 bum exercises x 24 reps each  / day.

You can continue to add more reps or sets to your butt workout if you decide to follow this program for more than a month. It is really important to always challenge your muscles. Even if you add just 2 more reps to each of these 3 bum exercises from one week to another, it’s still a progress!

7 benefits of regular physical activity on  workout plans:

Keeps your body fit and healthy

Increases sex drive and gratification

Boost your immune system and mental health

Decreases stress, risk by heart attack and cancer

Gives you trust and has anti-ageing effects

Keeps your mind sharp, Prolongs your life and arrives at you feeling happier

Aids you to lose weight, lowers hypertension and danger of diabetes

Here are 4 tips to help you bind to a weight loss workout and meet your goals:

  • Schedule your workout plans.
  • Log your steps
  • Don’t do too much, too fast.
  • Don’t turn water into wine



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