30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout (VIDEO)

Most ladies know that their arms require  extra exercise to keep their arms toned and buff. Get rid of the dingle dangle already! These six exercises will easily and effectively tone your biceps and triceps. Amber Nimedez for LiveStrong.com shows you exactly how to target the flab.

Push-ups are boring after multiple sets. Tone flabby arms with resistance training and 3 lbs. dumbbells for each hand. The triceps play a major role in how our arms appear, because this muscle comprises 2/3 of the arm. If triceps are underdeveloped, these muscles look wobbly and soft, but when firm and lean, allow the entire arm to look that way.

Amber’s six exercises ultimately tone flabby arms and are excellent and simple for any woman to master. Do three sets of 10:

  1. Arm Circles
    2. Lateral Lifts
    3. Bicep Curls
    4. Military Press
    5. Overhead Triceps Extension
    6. Pulse Up

No one’s born with perfect arms, and if you desire that toned look, then small dumbbells can get you there. Celebrities, models and First Lady Michelle Obama all work the arm muscles. You can, too

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