50 Beautiful Things You Can Do With Vaseline In 5 Minutes

Here are 50 Amazing ways you can use Vaseline during your daily life in 5 minutes.

Vaseline is a product that many people have at home and don’t even know all the amazing ways they can use it. It may be used for your everyday beauty routines. You may apply it on your skin, nails or even your hair.

How to use it on your hair?

  1. If you apply Vaseline to your skin before you spray on perfume it will last longer.
  2. You may Mix together Vaseline with sea salt to make a shower scrub.
  3. Rub it onto your elbows, feet and knees to soften and moisturized them
  4. Massaging it in small circular motions to the cuticles around your nails to soften them.
  5. Make your eyebrows more firm by applying the gel on them.
  6. Create a lip-gloss shade by mixing it with Kool-aid powder.
  7. Make your make-up stay longer and be shinier, apply the gel on your eyebrows before you put on make-up.
  8. Soften your eyelashes and make them appear longer when you apply the mascara.
  9. Use it as a make-up remover and skin moisturizer as it will not clog your pores.

Other uses:

  1. Have you ever tried on a ring and it got stuck on your finger? If you have you know that it’s quite difficult to take off. Rub Vaseline on your finger and it will come right off.
  2. In case you tried on a ring and it stuck on your finger, then try with the gel and it will slip off in just a second.
  3. Shine your shoes by cleaning them with a cloth and Vaseline.
  4. If you have a hard time putting on your favorite earrings, rub some Vaseline onto your earlobe and they will fit perfectly.

Here’s the video with 50 beautiful things you can do with Vaseline in 5 minutes:

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