6 Incredible Dumbbell Exercises For Your Butt

What’s the one piece of equipment that’s guaranteed to be at every gym in every city? Dumbbells. Sure the weights are basic, and expected, but training with them is incredibly effective. That’s why it’s important to have a few go-to dumbbell butt exercises in your repertoire—it’ll help keep your regular fitness routine feeling fresh and amps up the challenge of classic bodyweight exercises.

So grab a set of dumbbells, start with a five- or eight-pound set and go heavier when you can and get ready to lunge, squat, thrust, lift, and kick it.

  1. Weighted Donkey Kick — do 12 reps on each side

  • From a high plank position with core tight and hips level, jump feet up and kick butt with heels. Your weight should come forward onto hands, but shoulders should stay in line over wrists. Extend legs and land lightly on toes to return to starting position
  • That’s 1 rep, do 12 on each side.
  1. Weighted Bridge — do 20 reps

  • Place your hands on the floor and spread out your fingers for a firm support. Lean back so your torso creates a 45-degree angle with the ground. In this position, your hands should be behind your hips joints about straight under your shoulders. Support your weight on your heels and hands and lift your hips and body upward toward the ceiling. Continue lifting until your torso, thighs and legs form a straight line
  • Do 20 reps.
  1. Weighted Squat — do 20 reps

  • Stand straight and part your feet to the width of your shoulders and put your hands stretched forward for extra balance. Bend your knees and lower yourself. The knees need to be at 90 degrees angle, while the thighs need to be parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight, without letting your knees extend over your toes. Get back to the starting position
  • Stand to complete 1 rep, do 20 reps.
  1. The Curtsy Kick — do 12 reps on each side

  • Start by standing, hold the medicine ball at your chest and step your left leg behind you and to the right so your thighs cross, bending both knees as if you were curtsying. Make sure your front knee is aligned with your front ankle. Go back to the starting position and perform a Leg lift.
  • . Do 12 reps on each side.
  1. Lateral Leg Lift — do 12 reps on each side

  • Standing lateral leg lifts also strengthen hip abduction. If you have good balance, you can stand with your hands on your hips. If you are unsteady, you can start by standing near the kitchen counter where you can use your fingertips for balance. Stand erect with head and shoulders over your hips. As you perform this exercise, make sure you don’t lean forward or to the opposite side.
  • Do 12 reps on each side.
  1. Dumbbell Deadlift – do 20 reps

  • This exercise targets your glutes, quads, lower back, and hamstrings. People often overlook it as they think that only muscle-bound advanced lifters can do. This exercise is great for weight lifters at any level and will help you develop practical strength which will make you look great and make it easier to perform the daily lifting tasks.
  • Do 20 reps.

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