7 Best Moves To Have Tiny Waist And Flat Stomach

Whether you are trying to trim down your waist to get an hourglass figure, or you are just aiming to lose a few inches off of a round tummy,  workouts can get the job done very effectively. This lower ab workout is a combination of seven exercises that will work your midsection, including the transversus abdominis to help you slimming your waist.  You can also add this workout routine which is very good to have toned legs and thighs.

Blast off belly fat before beach season with an four-week workout routine that works your core to exhaustion, sculpting six-pack abs and a super flat stomach

How it works: 
Toning: Do the toning moves ahead in order for the indicated number of reps and sets three days a week on alternate days. Pay close attention to how the exercises and weight of the dumbbells required progress each week. In week four, when the abs routine is most challenging, do it just twice a week.

Tabata drills: Do Olson’s Tabata-inspired cardio workout three times a week: Start with 10 minutes of moderately hard, steady-state cardio of your choice, then do a four-minute round. Complete that steady cardio-and-Tabata combo three times. That’s 42 minutes total. In week four, do the Tabata drills just twice a week.

The workout is definitely going to make you sweat and help your body burn calories and melt belly fat. You can do this workout routine at least 3 times a week.

Following is the list of the workouts you will be doing today to have tiny waist and flat stomach.

Bent Over Leg Lifts (30 seconds)
Heel Touches (30 seconds)
Single Knee Raise  Crunch (30 seconds)
Reach Throughs (30 seconds)
Wide Toe Touches (30 seconds)
Starfish Crunch(30 seconds)
Windmills (30 seconds)
Repeat all the above exercise

plank (30 seconds)
Side plank (30 seconds)

Here is the workout video in which Rebecca Louise shows exactly what to do to get that hourglass figure.


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