7 ways Yoga can help you lose weight, melt fat, and get stronger

Yoga is very powerful, and can be part of your healing journey. This woman spent quite some time struggling to lose weight. She finally decided to concentrate on recuperating her mental, emotional and physical well-being, incredible things started. Her body healed and her feelings about the world changed. She also started losing weight in the process of all of this. She lost 60 pounds and  was able to keep that weight off.

Did you know that yoga can decrease belly fat if performed often. it is also crucial to pay more attention to your nutrition because 70% of your efforts are based on the food you eat.

The sedentary lifestyle and prolonged hours of sitting have become a norm in the contemporary world. Also, the stressful commute to workplaces and the bad postures which come with it have complemented the issues of back pains and spasms.

As a result, neurologists, spine specialists, and physiotherapists are today thronged with lots of patients suffering from severe back and spine problems.

Medicine and curative measures are surely not the most viable means to treat such conditions. Hence we need to look for some preventive ways to treat these.

This experience shaped her into the amazing woman she is today. She wanted  to share her message with women from all around the world. One of the changes she implemented was practicing yoga. Yoga is all about unity, it helped her relax, she even felt more comfortable in her own skin and could release stress easily.

This woman is a yoga teacher today and she has her own style, known as Healing Hatha Yoga. However, the following poses are her favorite ones. These poses are ideal for beginners and everyone can find them helpful.

The link between breathing and the body in yoga, will help your mind  relax and stop worrying. Besides being beneficial for the mind, yoga will also improve your physical strength, flexibility and balance.


Doing yoga routines will help you to:

  • Reduce your anxiety and improve the mood
    • Treat the symptoms of heart failure and protect the coronary health
    • Cure back pain
    • Lower high blood pressure
    • Increase flexibility and strength
    • Increase the mobility of the joints
    • Improve the musculoskeletal state and posture
    • Cure allergy symptoms and asthma
    • Reduce stress

The symptoms of schizophrenia and cancer can also be kept under control by practicing yoga. Yoga will teach you to be inspired, calm and disciplined. The benefits of doing yoga are wonderful.

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