8 Exercise That Will Help You Burn More Fat Without Running!

If your goal is to lose those few extra pounds and improve your definition, there are many ways to do it, but not all of them will give you the results you want as fast and efficiently as the one we’re about to uncover in this article

The duration of your workouts and the number of different exercises you perform are not the key factors contributing to weight loss – but which exercises you choose to do will greatly affect the outcome. And for best results, you don’t have to perform lengthy sessions of steady state cardio or spend hours jogging. Instead, try bodyweight training to improve your strength, conditioning and body composition. Besides losing weight a lot faster, bodyweight training will improve your metabolism in the long run, increase your anaerobic endurance, tone your muscles and help you achieve a leaner and tighter physique.

Additionally, the health benefits of bodyweight training include improving bone and joint function, bone density, heart and lung health, posture, digestion and brain function. Studies suggest that it can assist prevention and management of type 2 diabetes by decreasing visceral fat and improving insulin sensitivity, as well as enhance cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure and lowering the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Most recently, a study which examined the effects of this type of training on the metabolic constraints of fatty liver disease found that 12 weeks of training significantly reduced the levels of fat, iron and insulin in the subjects, thereby alleviating the symptoms of metabolic syndrome in terms of a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

To reap these benefits, you don’t have to turn to expensive equipment and complicated training routines. Instead, try these classic compound movements which will help you build a lean musculature, boost your metabolic rate and help you burn big amounts of fat in a short period of time.

#1. Burpees

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Similar to up-downs with a jump added into the motion, this is a full body exercise that targets your central part and also increases your stamina. After the first couple of sets, you should be able to the increase the speed of your motions. For optimal results, try to do them as fast as you can. Ideally, you should be doing 100 of these per day. The results will be inevitable in only a week.

#2. Pull-ups

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The pull-up is a powerful old school exercise that can help you build a strong back, improve your posture and tone your whole body. In short, pull-ups are an absolute must for anyone looking to improve their body composition and overall strength.

#3. Squats

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Squat is a fantastic multi-muscle exercise that tones your glutes, thighs and hamstrings while strengthening the core and improving your strength. In fact, Scott Carrell, certified personal trainer, calls on his University of Washington post “Squat is about as close to a miracle as anything I know”.ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine also grants this highly popular, widely performed exercise as one with excellent potential for adding lean muscle mass.While it’s an excellent choice as an everyday workout, when you squat the wrong ways, it can hurt your knees, lower back and ankles.

#4. Push-ups

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Your probably wondering why you should performing pushups over another exercise right? Did you know that many people don’t have any upper body strength, pushups are one of the best exercises to help strengthen your upper body. It might look easy and basic but it’s actually quite challenging as it works on all of the upper body muscles.

#5. Lunges

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While forward lunges hit your glutes and hamstrings, this variation—often just called the plain ol’ lunge—also hones in on your quads for awesome thigh strength and definition Performing them regularly will help you run faster and improve your flexibility.

#6. Spider crawls

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This underrated move effectively targets your abs, chest, shoulders and triceps. Besides improving the mobility of your hips and toning your core muscles, spider crawls will raise your heart rate and help you burn more fat.

#7. Plank

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“Core strength” is more than just a fitness buzz term to remind you that you probably don’t do enough sit-ups. Core strength actually refers to the strength of deep muscle groups in your abdomen, back, and glutes — the three muscle groups that are essential to supporting your spine and helping you maintain your balance.

#8. Jumping rope

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This is an amazing cardio workout, which will burn calories and boost stamina all at one time.  You can rely on jump roping when you feel like you need to spice up a workout. You can either do this at a slow or accelerate pace, use the tuck jump and many other things.

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