Abs Workout For Women: 8 Weeks To A Flatter Stomach

Women: looking for that elusive flat stomach? Combine this abs workout with a smart diet and weekly cardio, and you’ll reach your goals in no time!


It’s time to get that flat stomach! Combine this 8 week abs workout plan with the included dieting and cardio advice, and you will help your body build and firm your abdominals while stripping away excess stomach fat.

Workout Frequency
Perform this abs workout 2-3x a week after your resistance training sessions. It can also be performed on off training days, or with your cardio workouts.

Perform 3-4 cardio workouts per week for 20 to 30 minutes per session. Choose whichever form of cardio you prefer, from walking to sprinting to swimming to biking. The important thing to remember is that cardio should be enjoyable. If you dread performing cardio, you are more likely to miss sessions. It doesn’t really matter what you are doing because you are burning calories. A flat stomach is made in the kitchen, and your diet is doing most of the work.

Abs Workout


Weeks 1-4
Exercise Sets Reps or Time
Cable Crunch 2-3 15-25
Plank 2-3 30-60 Seconds
Hanging Knee Raise 2-3 10-20
Dumbbell Side Bends 2-3 10-20

Abs Workout

Weeks 5-8
Exercise Sets Reps or Time
Twisting Bench Crunch (Reps are per side) 3-4 20-30
Plank With Feet On Bench 3-4 60 Seconds
Weighted Sit Up (with dumbbell on chest) 3-4 20-30
Wood Chop (Reps are per side) 3-4 10-20

The Secret Formula of Abs

Diet + Ab Exercises + Cardio exercises = Dream Abs

To get the abs you want you can’t just perform ab exercises you need to include cardio as well ( running, jumping roping, cycling and other cardio exercises). So do you need to perform a thousand core exercises or do you just need a few? How long do you need to perform cardio exercises for an hour or a few minutes? It all depends on you, how committed you are, but there are a couple rules that you need to follow to get the results you want.

The core muscles need to be worked on throughout the day. (If you’re in a rush to get results as soon as you can, its best that one day you work on upper and lower abs, and the next day work on your sides.

The diet before and after training is the most important (before training should provide enough power to the body, and after training enough protein to build muscle.)

Its best is to continue working on your abs even on days they are achy. Don’t stop working out just because you muscles are sore. (The abdominal muscles are extremely durable and when you feel pain should continue to exercise, because then the exercise has the strongest effect. Of course, when the pain becomes too strong take a break to avoid injury.)

Once you have finished working on your abs, you need to do a series of lower back exercises. (You should do a series of back exercises so you dont suffer from spinal deformation).

You can modify and combine exercises (For any muscle group, especially the stomach, it is important to work the different training if you do the same exercises for months, you will get used to them and they will no longer be effective. )

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