Amazing Abs Core Exercises for a Flat Stomach

Blast off belly fat before beach season with an four-week workout routine that works your core to exhaustion, sculpting six-pack abs and a super flat stomach

How it works: 
Toning: Do the toning moves ahead in order for the indicated number of reps and sets three days a week on alternate days. Pay close attention to how the exercises and weight of the dumbbells required progress each week. In week four, when the abs routine is most challenging, do it just twice a week.

Tabata drills: Do Olson’s Tabata-inspired cardio workout three times a week: Start with 10 minutes of moderately hard, steady-state cardio of your choice, then do a four-minute round. Complete that steady cardio-and-Tabata combo three times. That’s 42 minutes total. In week four, do the Tabata drills just twice a week.

  1. Bodyweight Single-Leg Stretch


From the starting position, keep your right leg extended so that it is hovering above the floor, and bring your left knee into your chest. Immediately after you’ve brought your left knee to your chest, extend your left leg completely so that it is straight and hovering above the floor.  Bring your right knee into your chest (in a pedaling motion.) While your legs are pedaling, incorporate a twist in the upper body, meeting the knee at your chest with the opposite elbow (e.g. as you bring your left knee to your chest, twist your upper body to the right so that your right elbow touches your left knee.)

Sets: 2 to 3

Reps: 8 to 10

  1. Forearm Spider Plank

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Forearm Spider Plank gif

Start in a traditional plank position with your forearms on the ground and your body perfectly straight. Bring your right knee forward towards your right elbow, then return to the plank position. Repeat by bringing your left knee toward your left elbow

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:8 to 10

  1. Balance Chop
  2. Kuvahaun tulos haulle Balance Chop gif

You’ll need a cable machine for this exercise along with the handle. Place it at its highest position, grab the handle with both hands over one shoulder, standing sideways next to the machine. Bring the handle across your body to the opposite side and rotate your torso and hips.

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:8 to 10

  1. Sit-Back Twist

Kuvahaun tulos haulle 4. Sit-Back Twist Gif

Sit with knees bent and together, feet lifted to knee level, and arms extended overhead (sit up as tall as possible through spine). Shift weight onto left ‘cheek’ and press arms down to outside of right hip. Return to start and repeat on opposite side. Do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.


Reps:8 to 10

  1. Double-Leg Stretch

Lay on your back with feet elevated above the floor. Keep both your knees and hips bent to 90 degrees and place your hands behind your head. Slowly raise your shoulders off the floor, moving your elbows towards your legs. Slowly return your upper body on the floor and repeat.

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:10 to 12

  1. Half Boat

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Half Boat Gif exercise

Lie with your back on a mat, and extend your arms overhead and your legs in front of you with your feet together (A). In one movement, contract your abs, pull your legs up, and touch your toes (B). Exhale as you contract, and keep your feet together throughout the move. Release back down with control. That’s one rep. Immediately contract back up, and complete the recommended number of reps for each set

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:10 to 12

  1. Side Plank with Twist

Kuvahaun tulos haulle 8. Side Plank with Twist gif

(A) Begin in standard plank position.

(B) With your abs engaged, rotate your right shoulder and hip up toward the ceiling in one fluid movement, twisting your feet so that the inside of your right foot and the outside of your left foot rest on the floor. Extend your arm so that it’s pointing toward the ceiling. Return to the starting position. Repeat four times, then switch sides and do five more.

Sets:2 to 3

Reps:12 per side



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