Unlike crunches, sit-ups, cable woodchoppers, ab v holds, hanging leg raises and the like, which primarily work the rectus abdominis (the vertical “six-pack” muscles) and obliques, planks blast the transverse abdominis. As the human race moves more and more towards jobs that involve sitting and staring at computer screens for long periods of time, […]

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Walking does wonders for the body, and it’s recommended by physicians around the world. Even though this is recommended by so many, there are many people who aren’t big fans of walking, which  usually is  a result of an injury. People who don’t walk often tend to suffer from chronic […]

5 Best Knee Exercises To Make Walking Less Painful

Lose the droopy booty and get a perfectly toned posterior with this 10-minute firm butt workout.These exercises strengthen your buttocks, thighs and back. Squats Stand straight and part your feet to the width of your shoulders and put your hands stretched forward for extra balance. Bend your knees and lower yourself. […]

10-Minute Firm Butt Workout

Shaping your stomach muscle can be a long and rough challenge, but if you’re consuming  the right diet and performing the correct exercises you will build your core with no problem. It doesn’t matter  how hard you exercise if you’re not watching what you consume daily and your results are […]

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Think you haven’t got enough time to exercise? Think again! If you’ve got time to scroll through your Facebook feed, I guarantee you’ve got time for this supercharged workout. All you need is a chair, a wall and your body weight. With those three things, you’ll condense a long run […]


Get glutes that salute with these 6 booty shapers that lift, shape, and define your behind without a single squat or lunge. Whether you’re dealing with joint issues or just dread every set of squats and lunges (days before your next strength session), these targeted, equipment-free toners are the simple […]

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