Beautiful Video of A Womans Weight Lose Journey

Just imagined being trapped in a body that is over three hundred pounds and be a prisoner of your own body. You don’t have enough energy to do anything not even walk around the house one time before running out of breath. You own skin makes your self esteem lower and even by buying a new dress won’t raise your self esteem and I might even make it worst.


Lauren, a YouTube blogger under the screen name “LoseItLikeLauren,” was once in those exact shoes. You’d never imagine it now, however. Today, Lauren is the kind of gorgeous, slim and fit woman who probably turns just about every head when she walks down the street.
In this video “My Weight Loss Journey,” Lauren juxtaposes a current video of herself and the life she was living before, it starts with her at her highest weight. The results that she has made a truly amazing and it hard to see that they aren’t even the same person.

Lauren didn’t do anything crazy. Her weight loss “secret?” Eating right and exercising. Totally basic, totally time-tested and totally effective.
“[I felt like] I was trapped in a body I didn’t belong in,” Lauren narrates over footage of her three hundred pounds former self-crying. “I was so sad.”
Lauren had done some unfortunately irreversible damage to her body by getting to such a large weight, however. Her stomach was permanently stretched due to all of her years spent carrying excess pounds. Luckily, doctors were able to do a tummy tuck surgery on the blogger, giving her the stomach that she deserved for all of her hard work and perseverance.
Lauren credits her YouTube channel with keeping her on track throughout her journey. She started her journey an unknown and unhappy obese woman and ended it a svelte, gorgeous YouTube personality with over twenty thousand subscribers. She has one motto for anyone watching her videos who are struggling with excess weight or obesity.
“Keep losing, keep smiling.”


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