Bronchitis is in the Air! Find Out How Bananas Remove Phlegm From The Lungs And Cures Bronchitis Immediately!

Bronchitis is a respiratory disease in which the mucus membrane in the lungs’ bronchial passages becomes inflamed. Nose leakage or plugged nose are the main symptoms of bronchitis. Smoking is the major cause of bronchitis, which irritates the bronchial tubes and causes them to produce excess mucus.

During this cold season it seems like everyone has the cold or flu. Some can end up having bronchitis. So instead of using toxic drug to get rid of it why not try this safe remedy that will take it away instantly. By chance if you or your children were to get a sore throat or worst bronchitis this quick hack will get rid of it.

Formula to fight against cough

Things you need:

  • Medium Ripe Bananas- 2
  • Honey- 2tbsp
  • Boiling Water- 2 cups


  1. Smash the bananas until they no longer have clumps in it, you can do this with a fork or a wooden spoon
  2. Add the sugar to the smashed bananas and mix well
  3. Pour the boiled water over the banana sugar mixture and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  4. Wait until it has cooled enough and mix one more time before using.


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