Burn 100 calories in 10 Minutes with This Killer Ab Workout!

Did you know you can burn 100 calories in 10 minutes with just 10 exercises, and a burning desire to rip out your midsection!  I’m picking on your abs today… hope you’ll thank me later!

A 100 CAL

One Minute Burpees

Burpees are miraculous exercise to burn extra calories and make you stronger. Position your feet about hip-width apart and squat to the floor, placing your hands on the floor in front of you. Now jump the feet out and come to a pushup position, on the hands and toes with the body in a straight line. Then, return to start position, by jumping the feet back.

One Minute Sit Ups

One Minute Mountain Climbers

Starting position: Place your hands on the ground and get into a push up position, make sure your arms are shoulder width apart. Bring one foot under your hips. It doesn’t matter which leg you start with, bring the extended led to your hips and extend your other leg, perform this on each foot this is one rep.

One Minutes V-Sit-Ups

To perform an abdominal V-Up, lie down on your back on the floor or on a gym mat and then extend your arms behind your head. The back of your hands should touch the floor while your palms face the ceiling. Keep your feet together and your toes pointed toward the ceiling. To begin the exercise, keep your legs straight and lift them up, and at the same time raise your upper body off of the floor and reach for your toes with your hands. Squeeze your abdominal muscles as you reach for your toes, and then slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position to finish the first repetition.

One Minute Plank (2 25-second planks if needed)

Lie with your stomach down.  Bend your elbows to a  90 degrees angle. Your body should be flat while you support your body on your forearms and toes. Keep your abs tight. Trying to balance with your assembled feet will increase the abs muscle pressure. Keep your legs tight and straight. The lower body muscles are activated as well. Your back should be straight as well as the rest of your body. Bring the stomach in, but don’t stop breathing. Keep your elbows under the shoulders

One Minute High Knees

Stand straight with the feet hip width apart, looking straight ahead and arms hanging down by your side. Jump from one foot to the other at the same time lifting your knees as high as possible, hip height is advisable. The arms should be following the motion. Touch the ground with the balls of your feet

One Minute Flutter Kick

Lay down on your back with your legs straight out lower both of your legs until your about 1 foot up top of the mat place your hands on each side of your body. Make sure your back is straight and begin to move both of your legs up and down while one is up the other should be down, perform this for one minute. Go directly to Modified Lower-Back Bends.

One Minute Tuck Jumps

tuck jumps can boost your stamina and help you get rid of a huge number of calories in a short period of time. The best part is that you don’t have to go out to exercise and you don’t need a spacious room to perform them. While you are performing tuck jumps, put your arms in front of your body and extend them. In addition, pull the knees up while jumping. During this period of time, try to touch the knees with the hands. Try to perform the maximum number of tuck jumps in one session.

One Minute Standing Oblique Crunches

One Minute Side Plank (30 seconds each side)

This exercise is great for love handles and your lower back. Lay on either side of your body, place one fore arm on the ground under you and push your body up. Hold this position as long as your body can hold it. Make sure your body’s in a straight line and don’t drop your hips.

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