Burn Calories At Home The Best 6 Exercises For A Fat-Burning Home Workout

One of the most effective ways to train for fat-burning at home is to experiment with circuit training; a collation of different exercises, performed immediately after each other in order to really get your blood pumping!

This form of exercises is a great way to quickly burn a lot of calories making it really effective for fat loss.

All you need is a bit of space – you needn’t have any equipment, but feel free to add a medicine ball or some dumbbells and you are good to go!

Amount of reps for each exercise can be completely up to you, depending on your fitness level. Why not try 30 seconds on each exercise or choose 10, 15 or 20 reps and progress.

Exercise #1: Jump squats

squat jumps abby pell

This exercise will work your quads and glutes.

Stand in the same start position as a squat. First do a regular squat, later engage your core and jump up. When you land, lower your body and return it to the squat position again.

Return to the starting position and repeat.

Exercise #2: Side plank

side plank

Begin in standard plank position. With your abs engaged, rotate your right shoulder and hip up toward the ceiling in one fluid movement, twisting your feet so that the inside of your right foot and the outside of your left foot rest on the floor. Extend your arm so that it’s pointing toward the ceiling. Return to the starting position.

Repeat for as many reps as necessary.

Exercise #3: Burpee

how to do burpees abby pell

Position your feet about hip-width apart and squat to the floor, placing your hands on the floor in front of you. Now jump the feet out and come to a pushup position, on the hands and toes with the body in a straight line. Then, return to start position, by jumping the feet back.

Repeat for as many reps as necessary.

Exercise #4: Reverse crunch

reverse crunch

Laying on the ground on your back, lift both legs into the air. Placing your arms out to your sides, lift the lower half of your body and your legs upward as if you are trying to curl your entire body backward. Lower your body back downward and repeat.

Repeat for as many reps as necessary.

Exercise #5: Side crunch

side crunch

Start by lying on the ground or mat with your legs at a 45° angle. Hold your head with both hands and lift your left elbow and cross it over to your right side, do the same for the other side. Perform 10 Reps on each side.

Repeat for as many reps as necessary.

Exercise #6: Glute Bridges

tricep dips home workout

Lie on your back with your knees bent and the bottom of your feet firmly on the floor about hips width apart. From this position, drive into your heels to lift your hips straight up, clasping hold of your hands beneath your body and pressing against the ground to open your hips. Hold this pose for 1 minute, breathing deeply the whole time.

Repeat for as many reps as necessary.

Cool down stretches

Don’t forget to cool down after every workout – no matter how short or long the duration!

Your muscles need to be loosened and stretched out to deal with the impact of exercises – especially if you’re a beginner.


hamstring stretches

Hip openers, side stretches, quad stretches:

cool down stretches


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