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The sooner you diagnose kidney damage, the more effective your treatment. These little guys generally try to warn you of kidney damage before bigger health problems show up. After all, kidneys are vital organs that are responsible for waste elimination. So when kidney functions aren’t working properly, toxins will accumulate within the body. Lower Back Pain Having constant pain or ...

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Don’t Brush After Eating or Drink Coffee to Sleep and 12 Other Crazy Health Tips That Work

Scientists have discovered many different ways to become a healthier person. Many follow tradition and some are straightforward, but some of these might take you by surprise. Below are 14 of the strangest and effective health tips that you should start practicing today. Avoid antibacterial soap. Many people wash their hands with water and antibacterial soap, but did you know ...

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Doctors are warning families not to eat hot dogs. Find out why

Doctors are putting parents on alert all over the country with one simple message: Stop feeding your children hot dogs! Do you or your family eat hot dogs? They seem great right? Wrong, according to many doctors they have been warning families to stop eating hot dog. Ht dog are one the most favorite foods in America, during fourth of ...

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Women with larger behinds are healthier and more intelligent, study finds

It has been confirmed that a little junk in the truck is in fact a good thing. It doesn’t just have a larger derriere boost on one’s health, but it’s linked to increased intelligence and a lower chance of developing chronic diseases, according to a study from the University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital in United Kingdom. Fat distribution is ...

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Toddler Turns Blue & Throws Up Blood, Dies From One Scary Reason

2 year old Briana Florer was a happy and very healthy little girl, she was playing with her two sisters and her two older brothers. Thing went from perfect to s horrible disaster. Briana’s skin started turning blue and she began throwing up blood. Her grandparents rushed her to the St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, even though the doctor ...

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