It is a rare thing to find a single position that is capable, over time, of creating a body transformation in just 4 minutes! Are you skeptical? I was, until I saw this article featured in “Women Daily Magazine”. I was intrigued by what they termed the “28-day Plank Challenge” that […]

An Easy Exercise That Only Takes 2-4 Min a Day ...

Traditional core exercises, like crunches or bicycle, are great for sculpting your upper abdominals and oblique’s. But they barely touch those pesky lower abs, making toning this trouble spot quite a challenge for most of us. If you want to really flatten and sculpt your belly, you have to make […]


Every woman, regardless of age, is dreaming about an awesome body. There are great exercises that provide an excellent result. Good exercises should both strengthen your body and burn fat. Anyway, only by working out one will never get rid of the excess kilograms. For better result one should combine […]

7 Exercises That Will Turn You Into A Top Model

The best way to burn calories quickly is by performing this total body workout. “The goal is to use as many different parts of the body as possible, because the more you move, the more you’ll boost the burn,” explains trainer Jonathan Ross, author of Abs Revealed. This workout  will […]

Fat Burning Evening Workout!

Maintaining a healthy and balanced weight calls for eating a nutritious diet that contains the recommended number of calories as well as normal exercising. The variety of calories you need to eat daily differs relying on your sex, age and also activity degree, however many grownups could consume between 1600 […]

6 Days Best Workout for Your Body Shape

There’s no such thing as quick, magical fixes for your trouble belly spots. If you’re looking for a legit way to whittle away your belly fat, pair the following waist training exercise routine with some healthier eating. How this workout works: Repeat the series below three times, resting for one […]

Tighten Your Tummy with These Simple 10 Exercises

Many people believe that you are what you eat, but is this actually true. The real truth is you might be eating all the right foods but you’re still finding yourself far from a healthy figure. If you have been eating healthy but still find yourself with rolls or fat […]

Love Handles and Muffin Top Workout for Women

Glute Exercise #1: Squat Side Kicks – Start with your feet about shoulder width apart.  Bend at the knees and drop your butt down till your legs make a 90 degree angle. Stand back up and kick to the side with you right leg (alternate kicking legs each repetition). Glute […]

5 Best Glute Exercises

Who’s time to burn megacalories? You do! This quick Home PLYO Workout, will blast up to 350 calories in just under 30 minutes, and you’ll build strength while you are at it. Do this routine just 3 times a week to drop winter weight. Do not stretch! Don’t stretch before […]


Even though it’s winter and you’ll most likely be wearing pants, don’t neglect your legs! This workout will leave you sore the next day and walking up and down stairs may be a challenge, but the results will totally be worth it! 30 squats  Stand straight and part your feet […]

10 Minute Body Weight Circuit For Butt & Thighs

It doesn’t matter what sort of foods you eat, clothes you wear or supplements you take. You gotta move if you want to build round, firm and sexy buttocks. Strong, toned muscles are the key to enhancing your booty to its best advantage. Incorporate these exercises for a bigger butt […]


Want to lose weight, to tone your body? Try to abstain from unhealthy snacks, but you don’t find the time for some fitness exercises? Do not have to! We do not need hours every day for workouts, just a few minutes for short exercises. With this light workout will burn the fat […]

Shake to Change with 11 Barre Exercises