Drink Water Stored in a Copper Vessel to Reap Numerous Health Benefits


In this modern world where we have UV filters and RO purifiers to purify water, the concept of drinking water stored in a copper vessel might sound old-fashioned. However, this age-old practice referenced in ancient texts of Ayurveda is now supported by several scientific studies. When storing water in a copper vessel you create a natural purification process. This process will kill of microorganisms like molds, fungi ,algae and bacteria that are found in water and can be harmful. Copper has a trace of essential minerals that is vital to one’s health. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti carcinogenic and anti inflammatory properties, It also help eliminate toxins from the body.

copper vessel

Unlike other nutritional elements, the body cant synthesize copper, so you need to get from dietary sources.

The best dietary sources you can get this from is seafood, organ meats, whole grains, lentils, nuts, seeds, chocolate, cereals, potatoes, peas and green leafy vegetables.

Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water that has been stored in a copper vessel is another easy way to supply your body with enough copper.

According to Ayurveda, drinking copper-enriched water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach helps balance all three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta). This also ensures proper functioning of different organs and several metabolic processes.

Here are the top health benefits of drinking water stored in a copper vessel.

Aids Weight Loss

With the help of the digestive system, copper gets rid of fat. It supports  you get rid of excess fat to help you maintain a normal body weight.

Copper infused water is a great way to replace high calories drinks like, alcohol, soda, and other caffeinate drinks, which will help you with weight loss.

However, to lose weight you need to pay attention to your overall diet as well as follow a healthy exercise regimen.

Boosts Heart Health

This trace mineral also helps maintain cardiovascular health and plays a key role in preventing heart disease. Copper helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate as well as lowers bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

According to a 2005 study published in the European Heart Journal, copper is good for the overall health of your heart.

In addition, copper prevents the accumulation of plaque in the arteries to promote better blood flow to the heart. On the other hand, its deficiency can elevate cholesterol, blood pressure, homocysteine and uric acid.

If you are at a higher risk of heart disease, try drinking copper-infused water to improve your heart health.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Copper is one of the main components in melanin that is responsible for the color of your eyes, hair and skin. Melanin also helps the skin stay safe from sun damage, boost wound healing and prevents scarring.

In addition it also helps the production of new cells that restore the top layer of one’s skin. The new cell will help you have smooth, acne free and clear skin.

Fights Inflammation

Copper has very potent anti-inflammatory properties. This helps relieve body aches and pains caused by inflammation. It can even be effective in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

This anti-inflammatory property can even help in treating a wide range of problems, such as acne, asthma, sinusitis, hay fever, inflammatory bowel disease, and even cancer.

Drinking a few glasses of water infused with copper daily can provide huge relief from arthritis and other inflammatory pains.

Regulates Thyroid Gland

Copper contains one of the important minerals that the thyroid needs to function properly. When the body is lacking copper it can interfere with the functioning of the thyroid, which has a main role in all the important organs, like the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and skin.

In addition, people suffering from thyroid disorders may have low levels of copper in their body.

So, try drinking water stored in a copper vessel to improve the functioning of your thyroid gland.

Additional Tips

  • Pour 2 to 3 glasses of water into the copper vessel, cover and leave it overnight or for at least 6 to 7 hours at room temperature. Then, drink this water throughout the day.
  • Do not refrigerate the water and avoid drinking it in excess . Just 3 glasses of this water is enough to reap the health benefits. Though rare, excess copper may lead to copper toxicity.
  • Over time, the copper vessel oxidizes, so you need to clean it from time to time. To clean the vessel, use lime or lemon juice or a small piece of tamarind as a cleanser. The acidic property of lemon and tamarind will make the vessel completely clean.
  • Do not use a coarse scrub to wash the inside of the vessel. It might scrape away copper from the vessel.
  • Copper toxicity



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