Score a stronger, tighter core despite your crazy-busy schedule

Hit your core from every angle with this fast and effective routine. The equipment-free moves are perfect for tacking on to your cardio workout, but you’ll still results if you only have time for a quick hit of abs.

How it works: Perform each exercise in order for the prescribed amount of time, with little to no rest between moves. The complete circuit should take about five minutes.

You’ll need: Nothing! Just 5 min !

14 Day Ripped Abs Challenge


Day 1: 20 second plank/10 v-ups/15 sit-ups

Day 2: 25 second plank/15 v-ups/20 sit-ups

Day 3: 30 second plank/20 v-ups/25 sit-ups


Day 5: 35 second plank/25 v-ups/30 sit-ups

Day 6: 40 second plank/30 v-ups/35 sit-ups

Day 7: 45 second plank/35 v-ups/40 sit-ups


Day 9: 50 second plank/40 v-ups/45 sit-ups

Day 10: 55 second plank/45 v-ups/50 sit-ups

Day 11: 60 second plank/50 v-ups/55 sit-ups

Day 12: REST DAY

Day 13: 65 second plank/55 v-ups/60 sit-ups

Day 14: 70 second plank/60 v-ups/65 sit-ups



Lie with your back on a mat, and extend your arms overhead and your legs in front of you with your feet together (A). In one movement, contract your abs, pull your legs up, and touch your toes (B). Exhale as you contract, and keep your feet together throughout the move. Release back down with control. That’s one rep. Immediately contract back up, and complete the recommended number of reps for each set

Side Plank

Begin in standard plank position. With your abs engaged, rotate your right shoulder and hip up toward the ceiling in one fluid movement, twisting your feet so that the inside of your right foot and the outside of your left foot rest on the floor. Extend your arm so that it’s pointing toward the ceiling. Return to the starting position.


Lie flat on your back with your knees slightly bent and legs fixed. Lock your hands together behind your head. Breathe out while elevating your upper body until it creates a V-shape with your thighs. Wait for a second, then lower your upper body back down, inhaling. This is one rep.


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