If You Wash Your Face With Baking Soda and Coconut Oil 3XWeek For A Month This Happens To Your Face!

Just about every one washes their face first thing in the morning or before going to sleep and many know it’s essential to keep clear healthy skin and glowing. Washing your face is just as important as to what you wash your face with. Many facial cleansers are really harsh to the skin and can even end up damaging it. Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of a face wash? If you have you know that they are full with chemicals. Sometimes when you have less its better than having more, the simpler the better.


So instead of spending tons of money on products that might not even work for your skin, why not make your own natural cream at home with just using two ingredients you might already have: coconut oil and baking soda. . Not only are these two ingredients readily available, they are also highly effective in treating problematic skin. Unlike the chemicals and toxic ingredients in normal store-bought cosmetics, these two ingredients are safe for your skin, and can be eaten as well. This is exactly what you need when finding products to treat the body’s largest organ from both the outside and inside.

When mixed together, these two products work very well in treating acne, redness, scarring and removing excess dirt, oil and exfoliating dead skin off. The final results are amazing.
Sodium bicarbonate, or ”baking soda”, is often used in homemade baked goods, as a polishing agent, a deep cleaning and deodorizing agent for household use. It can replace many harsh and toxic household cleaners and provide excellent results.

Baking soda is used as cosmetic (such as teeth and deodorant) as well. It is a natural beauty solution, also highly effective in treating acne. Most often an imbalance in pH can cause skin breakouts, and being an amphoteric compound, baking soda can be used to correct the skin’s pH balance, therefore aid in healing breakouts.


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