How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat at Home? Start With These 3 Exercises!


Just about every  knows that having extra fat on certain parts of their body can be quite frustrating. Do you have inner thigh fat and get frustrated when you can no long pull up your favorite jeans anymore? Fat that sits around the thighs is quite easy to get rid of with the right exercises and diet. You should begin a weight loss plan and start focusing on certain exercise which will work on your inner thighs.


Tips to prevent inner thigh fat

Tip 1

You should reduce the daily calorie intake and create a deficit. Calorie deficit will force the body to burn the stored fat to create more energy and your inner thighs will start to reduce its size. If you want fast results, aim for 1000 calories daily.

Tip 2

Consume food that will make you feel full for a longer period of time. Increase your meal frequency so you don’t overeat. Consume smaller meals that will are big enough to make you full like a bowl of bean or chicken soup.

Tip 3

Start consuming calorie-free beverages instead of milk shakes, beer, wine, flavored lattes and sodas which contains high amounts of calories which will surely bring back the extra weight. Replace this unhealthy drinks with water and diet drinks which promote faster weight loss.

  1. Sumo Squat and Drag

Squat and drag is a way to tackle the inner thigh, it also great for the upper body, but controlled movements of the drag involves the thigh muscles.

Start with your feet spread out slightly past your shoulders. Dip your buttocks down so that you are in a squat position. As you raise up, drag your foot over the other one as you feel your thighs tighten with the movement. Alternate between both legs that you drag. Repeat 10-15 times.

  1. Sumo Jump

This exercise is pretty similar to the squat above, the sumo jump adds an extra step to add to your thigh training, movement from the jump with strengthen and increase your speed.

Stand with your feet out past your shoulders. Lower down into the squat position. Jump up in the air and land back in the squat position. Repeat 10 times.
3.Scissor-Leg Plank

Looking for a deep inner thigh exercise, then you need to try out the scissor plank. It also works on the back and shoulder muscles.



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