Lose the Pooch: 7 Exercises to Get Rid of The Tummy

Having you been dreaming about flat stomach? Then this article is for you! The trick to getting a flat stomach is to engage in exercises that will focus on this particular area. Consuming a healthy diet and working out daily is the main key, doing these exercises should give you that extra boost to a flat stomach. It doesn’t matter if constantly busy all day or you just want fast results, these exercise will get you to where you want to be. See how you can change your life and start working on your stomach today.


Leg crunches
Lay on your back with your knees bent in the air. Keep your hands positioned palm down under your bottom. Engage your lower abs as you raise your head and bring your knees in. Extend back out. For added difficulty, you can place a dumbbell between your feet. Perform 15 Reps

Oblique Crunches
Start by lying on the ground or mat with your legs at a 45° angle. Hold your head with both hands and lift your left elbow and cross it over to your right side, do the same for the other side. Perform 10 Reps on each side.

Boat Pose
Start with your feet on the ground and your chest lifted. Engage your abs muscles as you raise your legs straight up and extend your arms out. Hold the position. The idea here is to build strength and hold the pose for a longer period over time

Crab Walk
Although the crab walk is something you might have done as a child, it definitely works amazingly for your stomach muscles. Begin laying on the ground push your body off the floor with your hands and bent your knees until your body is completely off the ground. Use your hands and feet to walk along the floor. Make sure your hips are elevated to work your abs. Walk about 15 steps back and go back to your starting position.

Medicine Ball Slams
Stand with your knees slightly bent with a medicine ball held over your head. Use your abdominal muscles to slam the ball against the floor. Take care to actually engage your abs muscles and not your back or shoulder muscles. Watch out for low ceilings!

Many people might already know that even though this exercise is quite simple it actually burns fat in many different areas including the stomach area. . Simply keep your body elevated by balancing on your feet and elbows. Work to hold the move for longer as your build strength. Perform this exercise for 60 seconds.

Ab Rollout
You will need an exercise ball and a bit of focus for this exercise. Begin on your knees behind the ball. Extend yourself forward as you straighten your elbows out as far as you can go. Pull your body back until you are back in the upright position. Be careful to keep your elbows as straight as possible. Extending your abdominals gives a nice stretch and a great workout Perform 15 Reps

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