Your Morning Abs Workout For Strong Abs All Day

Are you looking out for ways to make your way to a flat and toned belly? But do not have much time in your hand? Then this morning abs workout is just right for you.
This abs workout is designed for men and women who do not have enough time to spend in the gym, or at home working out. The eight exercises are put together to give you stronger and well-toned abdominals and core muscles.

Combine this workout regime with pure cardio and healthy eating to bid a farewell to the muffin top and keep your tummy off the fats.

Here is the best abs workout for women, for upper and lower abs exercises:

 Alternate Heel Touches

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Alternate Heel Touches gif

This exercise is quite similar to the dumbbell twist, heel touches will target your oblique’s and burn fat. Lie on the floor on your back and bend your knees and your heels to your glutes. Place your hands flat on the ground on both sides of your body. Lean to each side allowing your fingertips to touch your heel, hold for a count of 2 seconds and then lean to the other side.
Do this exercise in sets of 3, with 10 reps each.

Oblique Crunches

Start by lying on the ground or mat with your legs at a 45° angle. Hold your head with both hands and lift your left elbow and cross it over to your right side, do the same for the other side. Do three 3 of this exercise, with 12 to 15 reps each.

Kneeling Cable Crunch

For the cable crunch exercise, we will be using the rope attachment. Set up the rope attachment at a height which is above your height.

Now get down on your knees and place a mat beneath them, to lower the pressure. Hold the rope and make sure your arms are slightly bent. Use lighter weights, roll your back and bring your elbows close to the knees.

While inhaling, bend down pulling the ropes down and return up, while you exhale.

Do 3 sets of this exercise, with 12 to 15 repetitions each.

PlankKuvahaun tulos haulle Plank

Begin on all fours, with hands directly under shoulders, knees and feet hip-distance apart and fingers spread out. If you’re a beginner, rest on your forearms instead. (This also applies to all subsequent exercises.)

Do 30 seconds of this exercise.

Scissor Kicks

Kuvahaun tulos haulle scissor kicks abs gif

Laying on your back keep place your hands behind the head. Keep your abs tight and lift your left knee to touch the right elbow. Go back to the beginning position, raise your right knee, and touch it with left elbow. Make sure the abs remains engaged and your hands are relaxed, thus preventing you from pulling on your neck

Do 3 sets of this exercise, with 12 to 15 repeats each.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Crunches gif
Lie flat on the floor with the lower back pressed into the ground. Place your hands slightly either side of your head, do not lock your fingers or pull the head up. Lift your knees to a 45 degree angle. Slowly go through a bicycle pedal motion with the legs. Alternately touching your elbows to the opposite knee twisting back and forth through the core, keep the elbows back rather than forward to the chest as this could strain the neck

Do 3 sets of this exercise, with 12 to 15 repeats each.

Flat Bench Lying Leg Raises

This exercise is performed on a flat bench. Lie down on the bench with your back straight and your legs extended off the bench, in front of you. Hold the sides of the bench, next to your head. This is the starting position.

Raise your legs up, making an angle of 90 degrees with the ground. Exhale while you lift them up and hold the position for a few seconds. While inhaling slowly, lower your legs back to the starting position.

Do 3 sets of this exercise, with 8 to 10 reps each.

Leg Raises

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Leg Raises gif

Lay flat on the floor, with your arms on your side and palms facing down. Lift your legs up straight, and exhale while you do that. Inhaling slowly, lower your legs. Make sure you don’t arch your back.

Do this exercise in the sets of 3, with 12 to 15 repetitions each for beginners, or 25 to 30 reps each for advanced.

Include these 8 ab exercises in your daily routine to reap the benefits and sculpt a solid 6 pack. This abs workout is easy to perform and amazingly effective for your abdominals.



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