New Toothpaste Leaves Dentists Without Work!

“We have shown that our synthetic material can reconstruct enamel without prior excavation,” Kazue Yamagishi, of the FAP Dental Institute in Tokyo, stated.  In other words, this therapy spells the end to the traditional “drill and fill” dentistry.

Did you know that the white toothpaste corresponds to tooth enamel and that the only difference is that tooth paste is in liquid form?  Making it easy to apply to the affected area.

Hydroxylapatite, also known as crystalline calcium phosphate, is the key compound of this paste. The formula for this substance was invented after many experiments were done on this substance to find the best effects.

The acid content of the paste dissolves the surface of the tooth and within three minutes of application, the paste aligns with the natural enamel, forming a smooth repair.

It has been proven repeatedly by experiments that were done by the Japanese dentists, it is greatly efficient. The electron microscope they used showed that the paste integrated with the tooth`s natural enamel.

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