Old German Homemade Recipe for Cleansing Arteries


Make the perfect recipe to cleanse your arteries by combining these natural ingredients. This recipe has been used by the Germans for centuries. It doesn’t just cleanse your arteries but it can also improve your overall health.


Recipe Cleansing Arteries

• 1 large garlic bulb
• 4 organic lemons
• 1 small ginger root
• water

Wash the lemons as you’ll need the entire lemon and slice them into circles. And remove the husk from the ginger and the garlic; place both of them into a blender. Heat the water and add the ingredients into the water right before it’s about to boil, remove from heat. Wait a little for it to cool and strain it.
Put the lemon in a jar and pour the liquid. Make sure to close it and refrigerate when you want to store it.
Shake the jar before consumption. Take 100-150ml, 2 hours before having a meal or on an empty stomach.
Use the remedy for 3 weeks straight. Pause for 1 week if you want to continue drinking this remedy.
This natural remedy cleans the arteries and prevents calcification in the body.


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