“Oopsy” Connection Between Your Coffee And Your Poop

There are so many people around the world that don’t start their day without their daily cup of coffee. It encourages our body to wake up and make it through a long day. Yes, this ubiquitous cup of caffeine does seem to have a way of getting you going in the morning.
Some might of notice while other may not, but have you ever had to use the bathroom just a little while after having a tasty cup of coffee? If you are this type of person you’re like 29 percent of people whose body responds to coffee as a laxative. It has been proven that coffee has a chemical that releases a hormone called Gastrin, which stimulates the colon.


1. It’s not believed to be the caffeine in this drink that makes you go.
2. A research study found that even drinking decaffeinated coffee can stimulate your colon.
3. When you are sensitive to caffeine and don’t want the anxiety it causes you can still take advantage of that early morning poop stimulant.
4. A research found that people who drink the brew may experience its effects within as little as four minutes.
5. Coffee has a laxative that will affect just about 1/3 of the world’s population. It has been shown in many studies that by drinking a cup of coffee stimulate the body.

These can be very good things or not so good things, depending on how you look at it.
Summary: Drinking coffee may have a connection to your urge to visit the bathroom. It has been found that this drink causes the release of a certain colon-stimulating hormone.

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