Nowadays, numerous people find it very hard to lose weight in a very short time. They try many diets which don’t give them the desired results, but in this article, we’re going to present you a pineapple diet that will help you lose even five kilos in only three days!

Pineapple is a tropical and delicious fruit, rich in vitamin C and folic acid, besides having other minerals including potassium, magnesium and iodine, but it also possesses numerous important properties and is used for diuretic and detoxifying the body.

Difference between the pineapple diet and other diets

This diet is a kind of mono diet, which means a highly restrictive diet. That is not the case with gradual diets and can be followed for more than one week. Your health will be at risk if you practice it more than five days.
It should be applied only when you need to get rid of a few extra pounds. Some other mono diets have been demonized, as they are quite drastic and last way too long, which is not the case with the pineapple diet, as it doesn’t last long.

Like any other diet, the pineapple diet has its pros and cons. Having that in mind we should look at the pros and cons of this diet and decide whether or not it’s the right one for you.

–Easy to find ingredients and prepare them.
–Proven for quickly losing few pounds.
–In addition, the diet works as a detox diet.

–Can be monotonous because it includes just a few ingredients.
–As a good diuretic effect of pineapple, you will retain fewer liquids and leave without certain nutrients.
–In a prolonged period of time, it can increase the risk of heart disease and kidney problems.

Why pineapple improves your weight loss program?
Let’s first take a look at some benefits of consuming pineapple.

Pineapple contains bromelain enzyme, which reduces inflammation.
Improves digestion, which in turn cleanses the colon and reduces bloating and sheds pounds.
It has abilities that improve absorption of important nutrients, slowing down bowel movement and suppresses the appetite.
It is rich in dietary fiber.
The containment of vitamin B increases your energy production and helps you stay active.
Here’s how this pineapple diet goes:


Eat two slices of pineapple and a slice of bread for breakfast. By noon, drink homemade pineapple juice made of only boiled pineapple bark for about twenty minutes. Then, let it stay on room temperature. Strain it and drink!


For lunch, you can have 200 grams of chicken breast seasoned with a little bit of mustard and a few pinches of salt. You can also eat about three slices of pineapple for dessert.


During snack time, you can take some non-fat yoghurt or several slices of pineapple.


For the last meal of the day, you can eat a vegetable puree made with carrot, leek and asparagus. You can also take some lettuce, pineapple and a little bit of chicken and about three slices of pineapple for dessert.

In case you don’t like chicken, you can also use fish, because it will have the same function.

If you decide to do this pineapple diet, you mustn’t do any heavy exercises, because you won’t have enough energy!

If you don’t follow a proper diet, after you’ve finished with this pineapple diet, it is possible that you get back to your weight in a few days. This pineapple diet is only recommended for weight loss, but it also helps you detoxify your body quickly and very effectively!



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