Smash Your Scale – Why You Need to Stop Weighing Yourself


Do you know that by staying off a scale will help your transformation result and you’ll feel allot happier during the whole process. If you are ready to participate in the following challenge(staying off the scale), you need to throw out your scale.

If you rather not throw it away your scale, place in a place that you’re not likely to use it like in the attic, the garage or a spot that you don’t have easy accessibility to. If you know you’ll crawl on your hands and knees into the dark abyss to retrieve the scale, then have a friend or family member hold on to it for you.

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Who Can Benefit from Ditching the Scale

Are you currently weighing yourself daily or are you in an obsessive compulsive fashion? Does your mood go down when you see the number on the scale after you’ve been working your butt off? If any of these apply to you its time to ditch your scale. Do you feel defeated if the numbers on the scale go up half a pound? Then this article is for you!

Are you ready to look good in and out of your clothes, boost your overall health and be able to get a better performance at the gym? If you are you seriously need to read the following information ( Make a note that this article isn’t for individuals trying to keep tract of weight for sports or athletic events).

Why a lot of People Weigh Frequently

People tend to weigh themselves daily or multiple times  a week to keep a close eye on any weight gain they might have gained. The scale basically works something like checks and balances.

Let me ask an important question This is for individuals it applies to, do you know why you always expect the weight that you lost to creep back on your body?

Do you have a lifestyle that will prevent the weight to creep back on?

The way to prevent weight gaining is by consuming a healthy diet that you can maintain long term, not a yo- yo diet that’s just going to leave you for failure but a lifestyle change that you plan on  doing for the long run. You need a long term eating plan that you don’t have to constantly worry about your body weight.

I seriously think that if the eating plan you currently have is giving you a constant battle trying to keep you at a healthy weight, then its time to look for other options and change something your doing.

Don’t be a lifetime dieter – take the time to experiment and find a nutrition approach, eating plan, and training regimen that is simple and doesn’t stress you out on a daily basis and that allows you to maintain your appearance/body weight with ease.

So I’m pretty sure your ready for an answer, but there really isn’t a holy grail hidden from you need to see what works best for you, I currently have change over to a keto lifestyle.

Can the Scale Lie?

Yes, in a sense, the scale can lie.

For starters, the scale doesn’t just reveal fat loss. You can step on a scale and see a weight loss of several pounds, but that weight loss may not even be from fat; it could be from water loss.

Quick Note: Muscle Does Not Weigh More Than Fat

This needs to be stated – muscle does not weigh more than fat. A pound is a pound whether it’s fat, muscle, bone, feathers, animal feces, or lead. However, muscle is more dense than fat.


Muscle is more dense than fat, and that’s why a woman who’s been training hard and, despite losing body fat, hasn’t seen the number on the scale change much, if any, because she’s built muscle, too.

This is one reason why building muscle is a very good thing for women.


Looking at this woman, you might think its crazy but its true she gained 9 pounds but she looks alot thinner than the other picture, the reason is that she has lost body fat and has gained muscle. The great this is that she didn’t let the number on the scale bring her down.

Here’s Your New “Scale”

Many people don’t know how to keep track of their current progress without getting on a scale and with keeping track of their body fat percentage. Don’t worry there are many other way you can track your progress without scales, i personally believe that they don’t fluctuate as much as your daily body weight.

The first four at the most important, in my opinion.

Use the following tools as your new “scale”:

  • How you look in the mirror
  • How your clothes fit
  • Are you following simple, stress free nutrition guidelines
  • How you feel. Do you feel strong and healthy? Do you feel better than ever? Do you have more energy? Are you performing well in the gym, or other activities? Do you find daily tasks easier?
  • Focus on your actions. Are you eating well? Are you training consistently? Are your actions in line with your goals?
  • Improved self-confidence and body image. THIS is was matters, and it’s one of many benefits to strength training.
  • These aren’t necessary, but some people like to track some number. In that case, keep track of a few measurements like waist, hips, thighs, and arms.


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