Apple cider vinegar has been one of the best ingredients for remedies for many years. It has factors in it that help getting rid bacteria and can be the best method for curing wounds, bruises  and it can even prophylactic cleanse. Find out 20 different ways that apple cider vinegar can help with everyday tasks, illnesses and losing weight.

Non-toxic alternative

Instead of using those strong smells, harmful chemical you can switch it out with this kind of vinegar as it works just as well as those other chemicals. To make this solution, add an equal amount of vinegar to water and put into an empty spray bottle, that it now you can clean around the house gets rid of all the bacteria and dirt from everywhere. Don’t worry the smell does go away after the vinegar dries.

Weed killer

Aren’t you just sick and tired of those weeds that keep growing up in your yard killing you other plants? Use one half cup of vinegar, quarter cup of salt and a cup of dish soap mix it all together, put in a spray bottle, and spray the area where the weed are be cautious where your spraying as it can kill your flowers as well.

Eliminates odors

Don’t you hate walking into your house and something horrible it stinking up the entire house? This one’s quite simple to do all you need to do is put apple cider vinegar into a dish and put it near the area where it smells, before you know it the smell will be gone.

Reducing serum blood glucose

ACV lowers the levels of triglycerides, HDLs and ADLs in that way preventing diabetes. This was confirmed in a study which examined apple cider vinegar’s effects on the lipid profile in rats. The rats were given ACV for four weeks, and the results showed that the HbA1C levels of the diabetic rats were considerably reduced. HbA1c is a test which measures the plasma glucose levels over a period, and is more reliable for diagnosing diabetes than testing the blood sugar levels. The results of the study are a clear sign that apple cider vinegar can successfully reduce the blood glucose levels and prevent diabetes.

Weight loss

By putting apple cider vinegar in your every day diet you will feel fuller for a longer time that you usually would, which is very helpful for people who are trying to shed those pounds. If you can’t take the flavor add it to salads or even cover it up by placing a few drops in your favorite food.

Lowers cholesterol

A new study that was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, stated that this vinegar lowers cholesterol as it was studied on lad rats and found that t drop it drastically.

Detoxifying the body

Detox has been extremely popular that past couple of years and can help people melt the pounds that they have been trying to lose for years. Apple cider vinegar has very strong antioxidants that flush out all the toxins from the body allowing you to lose those pounds. Just drink a glass of ACV every morning to start your detox.

Clears sinuses

ACV has been proven to break up mucus, which is a main problem with sinuses. Even if you don’t have sinuses ACV also can get rid of colds because it has antibacterial factors in it. To breathe easier, sip some ACV diluted with water.

Relieves sore throat

A gargle with some warm apple cider vinegar can successfully relieve the symptoms of a sore throat. Make a mixture of equal parts water and ACV and gargle the solution a couple of times (or more) every day. It will reduce the inflammation and alleviate the sore throat.

Digestive aid

Digestion problems can make anyone day horrible, this solution will make you feel a lot better after drinking it, mix the vinegar with water or juice if the taste is too strong for you. ACV has amazing antibiotic property that will help you stomach have less intestinal spasms.

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