Try This Exercise To Cleanse Your Lungs In A Matter Of Minutes


It’s important to cleanse the lungs from chemicals and toxins that we breathe in daily, even if you don’t smoke you still inhale many things that aren’t good for your lungs health. By detoxing your lungs you will decrease your risk of lung cancer, improve your health and respiratory tract.

People who live in high polluted areas and smoke need this detox more than other people.

Cleanse your lungs

Breathing Exercises:

These are the best methods of cleaning your lungs. It takes more than taking just a long and deep breath. You can do many exercises for breathing and we present you some of them.

1.First stand up straight and relax. Place your feet shoulder width apart and keep the arms on each side of your body.

  1. Take 4 to 5 deep breaths and exhale air through your nose.
  2. Once again breathe in through your nose. Slowly exhale through the mouth.
  3. Now fill the lungs with fresh air. You need to stay still and do not breathe for approximately 5 seconds. Count slowly. This is moment where all cells in your organism are full of oxygen.
  4. Once again exhale through the mouth. You need to think that there isn’t any air left and make a noise as if you were laughing and remove the air from the lungs.

You need to repeat the step number 4. You can co this step as much time as you prefer. This exercise will clean your lungs and at the same time it will make your stomach stronger


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