Try This Pilates Workout Right at Home for a Stomach Fat Burn

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt a flat belly? This desire gets harder to achieve with age because of the hormonal changes. Pilates training and workout is a secret tool to shape the abdominal muscles. Indulge in a Pilates workout regimen thrice a week every alternate day for best results. Follow these simple workouts to quickly flatten your belly.

Toe Dip


Lie on your back with legs raise up and bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Keep your thighs straight and ensure that your calves are parallel to the ground. Keep your palms down and rest your hands by your side. Make sure that your abs are contracted all the time and keep your lower back pressed to the floor. Inhale and lower you left leg slowly for the count of 2. Dip your toes towards the ground without actually touching. Exhale and bring back your left leg to the original position. Repeat the entire process with your right leg and keep alternating until you’ve done 12 repetitions.

Leg Circle


Lie down on your back with your legs extended. Raise your left leg with your hands and toes pointed towards your sides. Keep your palms down and hold your leg for 10-60 seconds. Make a small circle with your left leg and rotate your left leg from the hip. While circling, inhale and then exhale while finishing. Ensure that your body is still by tightening your abs. Complete 6 circles and then switch the direction and complete 6 more. Repeat the entire procedure with your other leg.



Start this workout in a similar fashion to Toe Dip. You need to keep your hands behind your head in this workout and also your elbow towards your sides. Curl up a little and raise your neck, shoulders and head off the ground. Rotate your torso to the right as you inhale while bringing your left shoulder and right knee towards each other. Extend your left leg diagonally from your hips towards the ceiling. Rotate to the left while exhaling. Bring your right shoulder and left knee towards each other. Repeat for six more times.

Leg Kick


Lie on your left side ensuring that your legs are straight. Prop yourself on the forearm and left elbow by lifting your ribs off the ground. Place your right hand on the floor for balance. Flex your foot by raising your right leg. Ensure that the toes are pointed forward. Kick while exhaling. Do this by swinging your right leg forward for two counts. Point your toes and inhale. Swing your leg back and repeat for 6 more times. Do this without lowering your leg. Repeat by switching sides.


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