Yoga Morning Stretches to Get Your Day off to a Great Start

Easing into the day doesn’t always fit in the schedule. You have a commute to make and a hectic life to organize. You might remember to get a good breakfast and fuel up on some coffee or tea. But by taking the time to do some easy and relaxing morning yoga stretches, you can jump-start your day in an energizing way you never imagined.

You can do a few of these moves from the comfort of your own bed, and the others while still in your pajamas. By starting your day with some invigorating stretches, deep breaths and mindful moves, you can warm up your body and mind for the day ahead. Check out the list below for some easy and relaxing morning yoga stretches.

Below is a 20 minute routine involving some very simple poses for beginning so you can try out Yoga for yourself. The routine ends with relaxation and stillness as the body rests from the prior movements. This portion of each yoga routine is my favorite as you feel absolutely amazing. Try it for yourself!

The link between breathing and the body in yoga, will help your mind  relax and stop worrying. Besides being beneficial for the mind, yoga will also improve your physical strength, flexibility and balance.

Doing yoga routines will help you to:

  • Reduce your anxiety and improve the mood
    • Treat the symptoms of heart failure and protect the coronary health
    • Cure back pain
    • Lower high blood pressure
    • Increase flexibility and strength
    • Increase the mobility of the joints
    • Improve the musculoskeletal state and posture
    • Cure allergy symptoms and asthma
    • Reduce stress

The symptoms of schizophrenia and cancer can also be kept under control by practicing yoga. Yoga will teach you to be inspired, calm and disciplined. The benefits of doing yoga are wonderful.



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