You’re Experiencing Pain In Your Back: Here Is How You Can Solve Them Naturally! It Is Successful In 95% Of Cases!

The lumbago is one of the most common health problems of the modern world and it is considered that 80% of the population over a lifetime and have at least once a while pains in the lower lumbar spine.

What does this mean?

The spine in the body is a very complicated  anatomical structure of the vertebrae from 7 cervical, 12 thoracic and 5 lumbar which move around, among them there are gristle circles that let the spine move and are associated with many muscles, nerves, blood veins and ligaments, which is like a supporting pillar for the body. It gives the body the right standpoint. The vertebrae contains a tube that protects the canal that where the spinal cords passes and nerves.

Due to its function, the spine can go through pressure tension and bending without it being injured easily.

Every part of the spine doesn’t contain the same amount of versatility: the cervical vertebrae can move quite a lot while the chest can’t move to easily. When the transition from one side to the other which causes pain. Back pain may occur in the breast stroke, the lumbar part and mainly the lumbar dorsal crossing , among many movable and burdened back lumbar and very low rolling vertebra.

Risk group

People who have a physical working job for many hours, with bad positioning, sedentary work, older people as well have degenerative processes, people with osteoporosis, and people who have abnormalities after injuries.
Treatment and prevention

The gavez plant has many properties that will help one with these problems. It is usually found in meadows or fields that are near water.  One ointment that was made from gavez went through testing for 5 days and effectively helped pain from sore back. The scientist during this study examined 120 patients who had pain in their lower or upper back. Half of the respondents received gavez grease that was applied on their back for five days, 3 times a day, while the other half received a false product. Scientist explained that the placebo was fully effective for relieving pain. Among those respondents who applied themselves with grease from gavez the pain was decreased by 95%. The gavez acted very quickly, just one hour after application.

The research that was done by the scientists at the German Sport University in Bonn and it was published in the British journal of Sports medicine. The extract that comes from gavez root is very strong and has been clinically proven to help with pain. The gavez root is close to beets as its has pretty big hairy leaves. In the research it was proven that the gavez successfully reduces pain in the joints and sprains in the osteoarthritis of the knee. It must be taken in the form of capsules and as supplement because they can be toxic to the liver.

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